I've loved capturing beautiful images as long as I can remember. The old film days were my training ground, where darkrooms and expensive film developing were a commonality.

My fondest memories are from growing up in the foothills of North Georgia. I loved watching sunsets over our old homestead and discovering all the nature parks and hiking trails with their amazing landscapes. Oh, but the gorgeous views of the manicured greens at The Farm Golf Course were some of my favorites. I worked at the course in my early twenties and toiled until the wee hours of the night catering weddings, golf outings, and other venues. The excitement of celebrations was utterly contagious! On special days, I would take a golf cart out with my camera in hand. The fog would be lifting in the early morning and the dew still on the ground as I captured the serene and breathtaking scenery. At that time photography was simply an interest, ... a hobby per se.

Then it happened....

My first child was born. It was an EXPLOSION, an AWAKENING of emotions, and OUTPOURING OF LOVE ... simply put, a rush like no other. All I wanted to do was capture EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, the happiness, the joy, and the chaos that surrounded me because I NEVER wanted to forget those wonderful feelings that had taken over. It was amazing beyond words and it wasn't until that moment did I feel like I had a PURPOSE, a DRIVE, a PASSION for something greater than myself! To me, photography became more than just landscapes, puppies, flowers, manicured golf courses, and beautiful sunsets. It was a passion, yeah I know you've heard it all before, "passion", blah, blah, blah ... but seriously, it's real! There is this deep inner drive that won't quit now!

As a mother of two it's easy to get tangled up in the chaos of life without stepping back and seeing all the many blessings surrounding you. May I repeat... UTTER CHAOS and I love it! I understand it and embrace it each and every day.  Amidst the spills, dirty laundry, fighting over toys, and cartoon reruns for days there is always something to be thankful for. I'll be the first to admit that I would be profoundly lonely and sad without it all. My children are a blessing beyond measure and I'm truly grateful for them.

My goal for you is to stop time and relive those feelings over and over for years to come .... Your family is rich with character, personalities, creativeness, excitement, and love. The days pass so quickly and we tend to forget those wonderful mental images. But when they're displayed in your home it is a constant reminder of the connections we have and the deep love we posses for one another. I love telling my children the stories behind every picture hanging on our wall because it's our legacy. Each one invokes something deep and special.

I truly enjoy being able to utilize my passion to enhance the lives of others. I would be honored to work with you and your family and enable you to relive those beautiful moments for years. --- Christy


Christy Manis is a lifestyle, portrait photographer located near Chattanooga, TN. Services include on-location natural light photography as well as a studio sessions upon request. An array of interests provide a wide spectrum of knowledge, creativity, and diversity.

Other photographic services include newborns, maternity, 24/7 live birthing experience, grievance, weddings, seniors, and boudoir.

Feel free to drop me a line and I'll get back you within 1-2 business days.

An extra special thanks to Sara Renee for the beautiful profile image.